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About Ed...

Ed is an established and highly experienced composer and sound designer, working in the fields of theatre, film, television and advertising.

Ed gained a BA (Hons) in Music from Pembroke College, University of Oxford, followed by studying for a Masters in Composition For The Screen at Bournemouth University, where he subsequently taught music technology, He also studied orchestral and choral conducting, and worked as Musical Director for a broad range of choirs and orchestras.

Ed has worked as a composer and sound designer on a large number of productions, and, given his conducting background, particularly enjoys working with live actor-musicians. He also has a lot of experience working with actors with little musical training, helping them find the skills and confidence necessary for a semi-musical role.

Although classically trained originally, Ed writes in a vast variety of musical styles, and is highly technically experienced both as a musician and a sound designer, often working with top Production Sound Engineers to produce production-specific rig designs. As well as having worked in many leading theatres, he has a wide experience in site-specific work, and its inherent challenges.

Please do get in touch if you would like any more information, and have a look at Past Work or Music examples.

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